Insurance Vision Plans

We participate with VSP. We also accept Medical Eye Services (MESC) and EyeMed. If you have other health insurance or vision insurance plans, call us to find out what we can do with your plan.

VSP Vision Service Plan eyecare insurance EyeMed Vision Care Insurance Medical Eye Services Vision (MESC) Care Insurance

Call us to find out how much your insurance plan support for your eyecare at Woodbridge Optometry. When you call, please have this information available so that we can answer for your situation.

We will need your name, phone number, insurance ID#, date of birth, or Social Security number (those are often required by insurance companies from us, so that we can verify your plan coverage details) and the name of or your insurance company or vision plan. Note that your vision plan may be provided by a diffent company than your primary medical insurance. For example, Blue Cross may contract your vision care coverage to EyeMed.

Call us at (949) 857-0676 to discuss your coverage.

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