Emergency & Urgent Eyecare

Urgent Support By Caring Doctors


Call When You Need Care

After normal office hours call 949-732-1101 for Emergency and Urgent Eyecare. We are ready for your after-hours emergencies. Our doctors return calls ASAP and patients are seen ASAP depending upon the type of emergency. For urgent care during office hours, our team determines the level of emergency and then patients are seen within 24 hours.

This group provided excellent emergency services for my mother-in-law last weekend. She had developed severe left eye pain, which turned out to be a corneal abrasion. When we called Dr. Likens, he agreed to meet with and examine my mother-in-law right away – impressive given that it was a Saturday night. We met he and his wife at the office 20 minutes after our phone call, and my mother-in-law got much relief from the eyedrops he prescribed for her. Excellent service, and he was a very nice doc in addition!


On the 4th of July, our 14 year old daughter had a contact lens/eye emergency. We paged Dr. Wilson, who called us back while on her family trip, and arranged for Dr. Likens to meet us ASAP on a holiday afternoon. Unbelievable small town kindness & service. Most doctors offices run pretty well for routine business, but how many would make themselves available on a holiday.

Way to go! So many many many thanks!

Lori R