Advanced Dry Eye Therapy


Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye is a chronic eye disease caused by deficiencies in the tear film that affects over 30 million people in the United States.  Of those 30 million, 86% suffer from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, or MGD.

What is MGD?

Every time you blink there is a protective layer of moisture call the Tear Film that coats the front of the surface of your eye.  An essential part of the tear film is an oily layer called the meibum.  MGD occurs when the meibomian glands that produce meibum get blocked or the secreted meibum is of poor quality, which leads to evaporative tear loss.

What are the symptoms?

Dryness, tired eyes, redness, irritation, burning, stinging, and watery or itchy eyes.

Dry Eye Relief Is Here!

How does iLux work?

Introducing iLux, the latest technology to treat Patients suffering from Dry Eye.  iLux uses light-based heat to apply therapeutic warming and expression to treat blocked glands and encourage the production of healthy oil.  This process restores the Tear Film and maintains the health of the glands in your eyelids.  ILux is a portable and customizable procedure that allows us to tailor the treatment to each individual patient’s dry eye needs  The iLux treatment is comfortable, safe, effective, and on average only takes 8-12 minutes to complete.

Am I a good candidate for iLux?

If you suffer from any of these dry eye symptoms, use artificial tears, or find that you have irritated eyes following screen time or device use, you may be a candidate for this in-office procedure.

Why Woodbridge Optometry?

As your Irvine Eyecare Center, we have invested in the most sophisticated dry eye treatment technology to give our patients the best in dry eye relief treatment.  Our staff of doctors and our Dry Eye specialist make sure you are a good candidate for the iLux treatment, walk you through your options, and ensure your comfort and
eyecare come first.

iLux dry eye relief