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Contact Lens Experience & Leading Technology

The doctors of Woodbridge Optometry take pride in knowing that we design and fit the most up-to-date contact lenses available. Our doctors have a combined expertise of decades experience in fitting of contact lenses. We are able to have the most current lenses available to fit any hard-to-fit patient with contacts.

Vistakon ACUVUE contact lenses    Alcon    CooperVision contact lenses

Have You Been Told You Can’t Wear Contacts?

Our eye doctors have a wealth of experience in fitting contact lenses for challenging eyes. And our contacts are the latest materials and designs available so we can fit patients with astigmatism and other previously hard to fit issues. Make an appointment to meet with one of our doctors to see better with contact lenses.

Whether it is disposable, bifocal, monthly extended wear, rigid gas permeable, or even post-surgical fittings, we have the correct lens for you. We carry Vistakon Acuvue, Alcon, and CooperVision brands, with most lenses in stock or available the next day. We specialize in silicone hydrogel, 1-day and 2-week disposable lenses, multi-focal lenses and toric lenses. Most of our patients are fitted and take home their new contact lenses the same day.

We may also be able to include you in one of our clinical studies of new contact lens materials or solution through one of the major contact lens companies.

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Contact Lens Do’s and Don’ts


  • Wash your hands before handling contact lenses using pure soap or specially made contact lens soaps.
  • Apply water-based make-up after contact lens application, avoiding loose powder.
  • Clean/rub your contact lenses nightly before disinfection.
  • Rinse your contact lens case daily then air dry, and replace the case monthly.
  • Maintain the prescribed wearing schedule and contact lens replacement schedule.


  • Wear the lenses if your eyes are red or if the lens is irritating your eye.
  • Wear a lens if it is torn or chipped.
  • Change the lens solutions prescribed by the doctor.
  • “Top-off” the solution in your case.
  • Rinse the lenses with tap water.

If you have any questions about these Do’s and Don’ts, please call or email us.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Woodbridge Optometry Contact Lens Satisfaction Guarantee


– We exchange all unmarked, unopened, non-expired boxes (must be at least 18 months until expiration date) within 1 year of your purchase, even if your prescription changes!
– We offer free replacement of defective or torn lenses.
– Free contact lens solution and cases (value of $8).
– 20% off Sunwear with your annual supply purchase of contact lenses.
– Free shipping on your annual supply order.
– Exclusive rebates and savings when you buy contacts from us!
– Savings of up to 31% on your annual supply purchase of most contact lenses.
– Free emergency replacement pairs to hold you over when you’re in a pinch (within 12 months of your annual supply purchase*).

*restrictions apply


Running low on disposable contact lenses?

Need More Contacts?

We have a great stock in-house and we can also have contacts sent directly to you.

Buy a Year Supply

Great Reasons to Buy a Year Supply of Contacts from Woodbridge Optometry.

  1. Free shipping
  2. Rebates from the manufacturer for cash back to you
  3. Exchange unopened boxes if your prescription changes during the year
  4. Replace defective lenses at no charge
  5. 20% discount on prescription glasses you buy
  6. 20% discount on non-prescription sunglasses you buy
  7. Two free travel kits of contact lens solution
  8. Convenience – order one time with guaranteed accuracy
  9. Healthier for your eyes